Reconstruction of Greenpoint Tubes Continues to Progress

The struggle to overcome the severe damage inflicted by the floodwaters of Superstorm Sandy is evident throughout the affected portions of the subway system and work is progressing steadily at the Greenpoint Tubes, following 12 weekends of work in 2013 which began in July and wrapped up in early December.

Repair and mitigation work necessitated by Superstorm Sandy was performed during 55-hour work periods between late Friday nights and early Monday mornings. During the shut down of the tubes, workers blitzed the out of service portion of the G Subway Line, installing nearly 9,000 feet of communication conduit and more than 85,000 feet of communication, power and fiber optic cables.  Workers also took advantage of the absence of train service to repair 3,600 feet of track and scrape and paint 96,000 square feet of station ceilings and columns.

Filled with three million gallons of salt water, tracks and equipment were totally submerged and the tunnel’s pump controls, electrical, communications, fan control and signal equipment were all heavily damaged.  The controls for ventilation, lighting and communication systems were also destroyed.

The work accomplished over the 12 weekend service outages included:

  • 17 Emergency Alarms installed
  • 400 feet of Kindorff trapeze installed
  • 115 feet of duct banks repaired and 970 linear feet of ducts installed
  • Scraped, power washed and painted all fireline (2,600 feet)
  • 14,800 feet of wire and 44 boxes installed for emergency communication telephones
  • 2,500 feet of structural repairs completed (73 locations)
  • Over 31,000 feet of old tunnel lighting removed
  • Over 3,500 feet of new cables and 459 new lighting boxes installed
  • Over 3,600 feet of track repaired
  • Over 50 water leak points grouted
  • 28 stairways rehabbed
  • 10,000 feet of track scraped
  • Four new signal boxes installed and
  • Over 10,000 feet of signal cables installed.

Work in the Greenpoint Tubes will continue in 2014.

Structrue team installing new tunnel lighting
Structrue team installing new tunnel lighting in Greenpoint Tube
Structure team installing brackets for cables
Structure team installing brackets for cables inside Greenpoint Tube