12th Annual Holiday Train Show at Grand Central Terminal

Commuter trains aren’t the only ones at Grand Central Terminal this time of year. The 12th Annual Holiday Train Show at Grand Central is open at the Transit Museum Gallery Annex and Store, with a Lionel model train layout that will thrill children and railroad enthusiasts alike. The walls of the exhibition gallery will feature whimsical artwork by Maira Kalman, the author and illustrator of the popular children’s book, Next Stop Grand Central. Now a longstanding tradition, the Holiday Train Show is a fun, festive way to ring in the New Year.

Lionel trains have been a cherished part of American childhood for more than a century, and the image of a miniature locomotive circling a tree remains an icon of the holiday season. This 34` O-Gauge layout features a limited-edition model of Grand Central Terminal (only 250 created) and 8 separate loop tracks traveling through New York City, into the country and up to the North Pole.

With vintage trains rumbling down the tracks and tiny pedestrians strolling down exquisitely-detailed miniature streets, the Train Show is a delight for young and old.

In honor of Grand Central’s Centennial, Maira Kalman’s rollicking illustrations of a typically frenetic day at the Terminal will be displayed on the gallery walls. New Yorkers may remember Kalman’s work from colorful construction barricades erected during Grand Central’s extensive restoration project in 1998. Blown up to 8` X 20` murals, the illustrations added a humorous touch to the lengthy construction work. Before heading to the drawing board, Kalman tirelessly studied the ins and outs of the Terminal, and her illustrations capture the hustle, bustle and grandeur of the landmark while highlighting its many odd and endearing characters.

At the Train Show, visitors are encouraged to shop for the perfect holiday presents at the Transit Museum Store. The home of subway style, the Transit Museum Store offers a wide selection of unique transit gifts, memorabilia and Grand Central Centennial products. New items this holiday season include subway rompers for babies, NYC Clean Air Bus models with push-and-go friction motors, and “Metro Girl” fitted t-shirts for girls ages 6 to 10. Transit gifts are also available online.

Here is a link for more information on the Holiday Light Show, as well as other holiday offerings and events at Grand Central Terminal.