MTA Launches Access-A-Ride Dashboard

Increased transparency for Access-A-Ride customers is here.

New York City Transit launched a new online Access-A-Ride Dashboard today, providing customers and agency officials with performance indicators in six different categories, including when a driver is a no-show. The dashboard will help monitor the on time performance of the vehicles delivering paratransit service as well as the total ride times of individual trips. It will also track customer complaints and the performance of the customer service call center.

The launch of the dashboard is part of broader MTA-wide efforts to improve transparency and customer communications, and help agency officials identify problem areas to better more quickly fix them. It comes on the heels of the release of a similar dashboard aimed at tracking various metrics for subway users and launched late last year. Users will be able to interact with several months’ worth of data and can track performance trends at particular times of day or in specific boroughs.

The dashboard is available here.