MTA New York City Transit Ready for Latest Winter Storm

MTA New York City Transit is prepared for the winter storm coming to the MTA service region that is forecast to shower the area with 2 to 4 inches of snow for parts of southeast New York and northeast New Jersey.

Ahead of the storm, which expected to hit the area Monday evening through Tuesday, New York City Transit has deployed equipment and personnel in preparation for snow accumulation. Equipment includes de-icer trains, snowthrowers and jet snowblowers for yards and tracks, debris trains to support clearing fallen trees from tracks, third-rail heaters, track switch and stop heaters, and ice-scraping shoes installed on diesel and passenger trains. Articulated buses will be taken off the road and replaced by regular 40-foot buses beginning late Monday into Tuesday, and all local buses will be chained. NYC Transit also deploys snow-fighting equipment to supplement plowing efforts across the city.

Due to the light snowfall forecast, overnight maintenance and repairs are expected to continue as scheduled. Subways are expected to operate regular local and express service as scheduled Monday night and Tuesday. Staten Island Railway is also expected to operate regular weekday service. 

Additional personnel are manning special command centers for subway, bus and paratransit operations, including posting at strategic locations to respond to problems more rapidly. Work trains will operate in open areas to keep tracks clear of snow and ice, and much construction and maintenance work will be suspended during the storm. Signal maintainers will perform winterization procedures including releasing condensation from the air line network and running diesel locomotives to assist in clearing ice from signal stop arms. Workers will sand and salt platforms, stairs and other station surfaces in advance of snowfall and clear accumulation as necessary.

Subway, bus and paratransit customers should expect weather-related delays and changes in service. Customers should take extra care in navigating snowy streets and platforms at elevated stations, and bus customers should take care when getting on and off buses. Some Paratransit customers may wish to reconsider travel unless medically necessary.

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